Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Home Living  | The Next Big Thing in Tiny Homes

Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Home Living 

Living in a tiny home with a smaller footprint often leads to getting creative with furniture and storage so that you do not have to sacrifice comfort or style. With the right furniture and storage solutions, it is possible to transform a tiny home into a functional and inviting space. From multi-functional kitchen essentials to clever sleeping arrangements, the ATOMIC Homes team has worked with architect Liv-Connected to design and build custom solutions for our Park Model RV tiny homes that maximize every nook and cranny without compromising on comfort or convenience.  

Flip Tables 

Say goodbye to bulky dining tables and desks that take up a ton of floor space, and hello to flip tables. We build custom tables that flip up and down against the walls of our VIA and ASA tiny homes so that you can save precious space when you are not using them. Whether it is a compact dining area that converts to a workspace or a desk that folds away when not in use, these flip tables will give you the function you need without taking up precious space.  

Spice Rack 

As you can imagine, space is limited in a tiny home kitchen. This is why we offer clever storage solutions like spice racks that utilize space and help keep things tidy. Here, you can see how we have utilized an often-overlooked space behind the refrigerator and used it for a pull-out space rack that keeps your spices organized and within arm’s reach where you need them the most.  

Murphy Bed 

A Murphy bed, aka a pull-down bed, is a great space-saving option for tiny home living. This bed will seamlessly tuck away into the wall, providing space for things like yoga or entertaining. When you’re ready for bed, it’s super easy to transition the space back to a bedroom by pulling down your bed. We are ready to incorporate Murphy beds into your tiny home design.

Hidden Storage 

A lot of people have stuff they want to store, but want the storage out of site. Hidden storage options are a great fit for tiny homes, because they maximize space efficiency and help to maintain a clutter-free environment. Whether it’s storage for shoes, toys, etc., our team can seamlessly integrate hidden storage into our tiny home designs. The images below feature a custom built-in storage solution that includes a hinged lid and is built with the same maple wood finish as the walls of this VIA Modern tiny home. Best part? By placing a couch in front of this storage space, it’ll truly be hidden. This example shows that you can utilize space to the fullest without compromising on aesthetics!  

Stacked Washer/Dryer unit 

Consider installing a stacked washer/dryer unit to save valuable floor space while still providing essential laundry facilities. At ATOMIC Homes, we’ve tested a stacked washer/dryer as a custom option in our Park Model RV tiny homes, ensuring optimal utilization of space without compromising on convenience or quality. We will work with you to incorporate the space needed for a stacked washer/dryer into your custom-built tiny home.  

Removable Light Fixtures 

With commitment to providing customizable solutions for our tiny homes, we have tested the SKYX SkyPlug for incorporating removable light fixtures. This technology offers residents the convenience of plug-and-play lighting, allowing you to illuminate your space where and when it’s needed the most. It’s also super easy to swap out light fixtures with a fresh style as you can simply pop them on and off. Remove these light fixtures before transporting your PMRV tiny home and replace them quickly when you arrive at your destination.

In conclusion, we understand the need for space-saving options in your tiny home, like flip-up tables and stacked washer and dryers, and are ready and willing to work with you to incorporate some of these space saving solutions into your tiny home build. When you choose ATOMIC Homes as your builder, you have the freedom to design your own tiny home. Start dreaming up your customized home today by trying out our design configurator.